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About Jordan Pumps

JORDAN PUMPS was established in 2002 with the clear intention to epitomize excellence in the pump environment, with a focus on the agricultural sector. We aligned ourselves with the best manufacturers locally and internationally, establishing an excellent supply chain. We are also rewarded with sole mandates that include the renowned Frog brand.

Our commitment to client service, hands-on delivery and continual improvement has earned us fast growth and expansion of our service and product portfolio.

Via our extended distribution network our wide range of pump products are currently available at the remotest locations across South Africa.


• Comprehensive range of agricultural & residential pumps
• Quality products manufactured under ISO standards & systems
• Excellent supply chain ensures fast orders, competitive pricing & continuity
• Overnight delivery  
• Continuous R&D
• Professionally qualified & experienced staff
• Prestigious track record

Our Pump Systems

• Borehole pump
• Submersible pump
• Centrifugal pump
• Pressure pump
• Swimming pool pump
• Solar pump
• Solar geyser
• Petrol pump
• Personalised client services.